Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursdays Tunes: Wonder Pets

This is totally pathetic... but with out recent weight loss stint we keep leaving little memo's to eachother a quote from the wonder pets song.... "Whats Gunna work.... TEAM WORK!" cuz were lame like that... haha

enjoy a glimpse into my baby crazed life ;)


  1. LOL! I know that song after listening to it while Rhea & Anya watched while in WI. Sometimes me & G would join them singing it!

  2. Aleya was sitting with me and immediately said "HEY! That's my show!" I use this song a lot when cleaning around the house... even when it's just Mark and I... so lame, maybe, but you're not alone! :-)

  3. Hahahaha! I love Wonder pets.. I was sick once, and couldn't find the remote control and ended up watching them back to back until Hud came home and rescued me... I kinda enjoyed it.. shhhhh!