Friday, January 22, 2010

Favorites Friday: Regent Skulls

For those of you that follow me on twitter - you know that i just had a mini meltdown... I realized that I am almost out of Regent Skulls in Blue... so no worries right? Emailed my supplier said hey, hook me up... she said no can do - out of stock... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Bad news bears... so I went on a hunt to find some... no luck... none to be found... Until FINALLY 36 pages into a google search i found some... *whew* so of course its only fitting to do this weeks Favorites Friday on Regent skulls...
(click to enlarge photo)

1: BrookeVanGory / RockerByeBaby - Get your Rock n Roll diaper bags here & changing pads!
2: My Great Gifts - LOVING this apron... such a cute sexy style! I just hearted like a million things in her store.
3: CorsetFactory - *dies* This is a must... WILL be putting this corset on the birthday list :)
4: BagsByMelanie - Pink Regent Skulls pouch and keyfob
5: RockerByeBaby - regent skulls polo, as seen on Tori Spellings son Liam!
6: SediluGreen - Reusable EcoFriendly Eco Stuffers snack bags, awesomeness!!!
7: LilasBowtique - Diaper Wipes Case
8: HautTotes - Been drooling over this tote forever now, maybe someday!
9: Boobtique - Nursing Cover


  1. I loveee regent skulls! probably half of those things are already on my favorite list lol

  2. LOVE mygreatgifts- just found them this week!!! must get an apron from her!!!!!

  3. I'm gonna be checking new shops now!
    I'm a big lover of that fabric myself, after all I have RockerByeBaby adult blankie in pink Regent Skulls!
    I'm glad that you found it!

  4. I frickin' love Haut Totes! I have a diaper bag, changing pad, and coin purse in the pink regent skulls that she made for me.

  5. LOVE your shop! Following you now,

  6. WOAH! Thanks for putting me on your listing with my baggies! I'm excited that you did! Only bad thing is that I had NO idea! I actually love your blog and read it often, so I am surprised that I missed my own awesomeness on it! :) I'm going to contact you about giving you some freebies... Next time - let me know so you get your freebies sooner! HA!